Islington Medical Centre
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Meet our Team



GP (Principal Partner):      Dr James Cuthbert 

GP (Partner):                     Dr. Helen O'Connor, Dr Sunil Dayaram, Dr Lucille


GP (Salaried)                     Dr Eoin MacCann

                                          Dr Meghna Patel

CLINICAL STAFF            

Practice Nurse:                   


Reception and Administration staff

Practice Manager:                           Mrs. Lynne Rowlands

Receptionist:                                    Ms. Emma Niccol

Receptionist:                                    Mrs. Jacqui Murphy  

Receptionist:                                    Ms.  Rebecca Davies

Receptionist:                                    Ms.  Rachel Jones

Receptionist:                                    Ms. Dolly Kearns

IT Facilitator:                                    Mrs. Margaret Beckett