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Islington House Medical Centre is committed to making access to the services that we offer as easy as possible. This commitment covers accessibility in all its various forms - such as disabled access at the surgery premises, convenient consultation times, friendly and helpful staff, and use of modern communication media.


The latter of course includes this website, and every effort has been made to ensure that it is as accessible as possible, by developing it using the currently recognised accessibility guidelines and standards, and by taking into account restrictions that apply to some older web-browsers that are not fully compatible with the latest web-technology standards.


Note that modern web-browsers and PC operating systems offer features - such as viewing pages using larger text sizes - that can improve the accessibility of the website content.


Planned Accessibility improvements

As soon as is practicable we intend to make changes which will allow patients to pass information to our staff using forms on the website.


At a later date we also hope to improve accessibility to the website content for people who - for various reasons - have difficulty in reading the information on the screen, by introducing software that will read aloud the content of the web pages.



Your suggestions for Accessibility improvements

If you have any difficulty in using our website, or if you just have an idea as to useful changes that we could make to improve the website, then please Contact Us to give us your feedback and suggestions.